new “flower” garden

It helps to have a good mama friend who also loves gardening.  The spouses watch the kids while we dig in the dirt.  My mom is also a gardening geek and digs while babysitting.  So now I have a new bed on the southern wall of my house.  This year I’m planting flowers.  (Mostly perennials, so I won’t have as much work in following years and can move on to other projects.  Always with the other projects.)  Violet is obsessed with scouting for buds, picking flowers and creating centerpieces.  So we planted loads of seeds.  (They don’t seem to be sprouting yet.  I’m starting to get worried. )  When and if they grow I’m going to sneak a few hot weather veggies into the bed.


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  1. Granny

    Such hard workers!

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