please give my family an island

I have loads and loads of cousins, all of them awesome.  Two of them want to win an island in Australia.  Okay, they want to be “caretakers” for six months.  If they win, I’m going to visit.  So vote for them.  Or just watch the videos and note the charm, intelligence and good looks that run rampant in my family:

Freddie’s video

Rhette’s video

But do it now because the contest is over soon.

2 responses to “please give my family an island”

  1. Dad/Apa

    Ok, I’m an idiot. I don’t see Freddie or Rhett on the wildcard list. Are they somewhere else?

  2. Amber

    Stupid Australians! They know nothing! Now I will have to come up with some other excuse to go there

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