garden update: spring is here?

Yup, the Arizona Ash out front is budding.  It’s much warmer and it actually rained.  Real rain.  Something that has not happened in about a year.  (No, I’m not exaggerating.)

So my fingers are itching to dig in the dirt.  The kids and I did this the other day.  Violet made mud pies, wiggled her toes in the dirt and begged me to find her worms.  Graham cried at the sight of potato bugs and complained of dirty hands.dsc_1103

My winter garden consisted of a dozen plants hastily purchased and thrown in the raised bed.  Seeds were just not going to happen this year.  But at least we got some delicious salads out of the deal.  And it’s worth it to see Violet eat peas or Graham inhale a half a head of broccoli right off the plant.



Last night I ordered seeds.  Spring planting to come.  Woohoo!!

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