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Meet Ike! His family needs help.

Baby Ike’s mom is part of my mom’s group. She and her family are completely amazing and have been through WAY too much. And then they lost their income and insurance. The bills are out of control and piling up, so we’re trying to help. Click on through to donate time, money or items for […]

garden update:  spring is here?

garden update: spring is here?

Yup, the Arizona Ash out front is budding.  It’s much warmer and it actually rained.  Real rain.  Something that has not happened in about a year.  (No, I’m not exaggerating.) So my fingers are itching to dig in the dirt.  The kids and I did this the other day.  Violet made mud pies, wiggled her […]

what NOT to do for the 4-year-old's party:

what NOT to do for the 4-year-old’s party:

don’t make a rule that she can invite only 4 kids because she is 4 don’t secretly rejoice in your introverted heart that your extroverted kid decided to invite only her 3 best friends. At least two will be on vacation or sick (it IS January after all). don’t have a baby in January (see […]

happy birthday little girl