18 month checkup

(Yes, he’s really 21 months.  Poor second child.)

  • weight: 26 lbs  height: 34″  (both around 50th%)
  • Graham-lish: replaced by toddlerese (“Rawr-rawr bite… ‘fraid.”)
  • voice: not unlike Kermit’s
  • finally has a name for the most important person in his life:  La La (Violet)
  • alphabet: obsessed
  • idea of the perfect day:  eating while watching videos, clutching Nunu and sitting in his own waste


At this age, Violet had been going to “school” two mornings a week for months.  Right now I have no desire to send Graham, aside from the fact that it would give me a bit more time to cross things off my to-do list.  When I think about how much time I’ve spent alone with Violet vs. how much time I’m alone with Graham, it kind of breaks my heart.  So I love those few hours a week we can hang out while she’s off dancing and socializing.  He acts like king of the castle when she’s not around.  Hilarious.  So I’m going to wait until summer… or fall…

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