better late than never

Okay, this isn’t something that I would normally post.  I’m not so crazy about TV that I would spend my precious free minutes per week (yes, that’s right people… minutes) writing about it.  But I’ve just got to say it.  ABC?  Are you listening?  How could you cancel a show that is actually intelligent, funny, creative, and unbelievably beautiful to watch?  The premise is hilarious, the actors are fantastic the costumes and sets are mind-boggling.  And the pies!  I want to eat pie after every episode.

Do we really need more shows about doctors, lawyers and crime investigators?  Don’t cancel Pushing Daisies.  Do me a favor, oh half-dozen readers of this blog.  If you have any doubt, put the first season in your Netflix queue.  After that, tell ABC that you’d like a little flavor in your TV diet.  Then go eat some pie.


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