How to salvage a Sunday

  1. eat pancakes Saturday night
  2. sleep for 11 hours
  3. have husband take kids for a long walk
  4. give up on painting project and call the professionals
  5. give up on screaming boy’s nap and take kids to the movies
  6. stuff scream holes with popcorn
  7. actually watch a whole movie with the whole family for the first time ever
  8. have husband take kids to the playground
  9. throw all poisonous/sharp detritus into garage
  10. cook stir-fry
  11. watch vampire TV with awesome husband

2 responses to “How to salvage a Sunday”

  1. Regina

    We’ve only managed to attempt three movies, but we just went and saw Madagascar 2 somewhat successfully.

    I keep forgetting that I want to watch True Blood. I’ve read the series that it’s based on. The books are great. I’m hoping the concept transfers well to the television.

  2. Nanda

    I knew it was possible! I wanted to stop and see a movie in Madrid when my back was killing me from carrying Cassie all around the city, and I saw a huge poster for Bolt. But Axel said they were too young for movies. Humbug. I haven’t been in a movie theater since December 2004.

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