How to ruin a perfectly good Saturday in 8 easy steps!

  1. plan for 11 weeks to get the kids out of the house all morning (this has not happened since Graham was born)
  2. decide to finish a home improvement project (the kitchen has needed painting since the flood of ’05)
  3. come down with the stomach flu
  4. spend 10 minutes painting — 10 minutes in the bathroom — 10 minutes laying down — 10 minutes painting, etc. etc.
  5. have kids come home to a house with sharp/poisonous kitchen detritus spilling into all the rooms
  6. send Violet and Rob to a birthday party
  7. lay on the couch all afternoon while Graham walks around screaming (it’s his new thing)
  8. realize the paint looks like an ’80’s brothel

3 responses to “How to ruin a perfectly good Saturday in 8 easy steps!”

  1. Rob

    I’m still not convinced it’s THAT bad, but maybe I just didn’t spend enough time in brothels in the 80s.

    Wait… did you? WTF, woman?!?

  2. Mom

    Too funny, Rob!!!

  3. Rebecca

    That totally happened in our bathroom (the 80s brothel color). I don’t care how many tiles you look at or swatches you paint you put up!

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