Twittering with Violet

Our ThenVioletSaid Twitter account has slowed down considerably.  That is not to say she talks less.  Oh no.  In fact, she talks so much more, I can’t usually fit the conversation into a tweet.

In any case, here is a sampling of Violet-isms from the past few months.  Back by popular demand:

  • I bet my talking butt knows Spanish!
  • [playing with 3 spoons] The little one is for badness and the big one is for goodness. And the medium-sized one is for medium-size-ness
  • A Caramel is a kind of bird that shoots water out of its beak and roars. It’s kind of like a dinosaur. And it claps its hands. It has hands!
  • Pearl (our cat) will poke out the dogs’ eyes, pull off their legs and throw them in the garbage can and squish them with the lid.
  • I’ll try to grow up, but it’s never necessary.
  • Mommy, how does a baby get out of your tummy? Does your tummy crack?
  • Do teeth get sunburned?
  • Mom, even when I’m mad at you, I still love you.
  • HOLY CALF!!!
  • I asked V who calls her “honey”. She said, “The bees.”
  • I just want what I want.
  • I’ve got my shovel. So now I can shove.
  • I want some blueberry strawberry chocolate kid cake. Just for kids. AND some coffee.
  • Mom, it’s okay. You can do it.
  • I’m ecstatic.
  • If I broke our kitty’s leg, we will all be sad. But if she grows another one, we’ll be happy again!
  • I was putting this necklace in my mouth, but then I remembered I’m not supposed to do that. Right?
  • My doggy’s name is Sits.
  • Sometimes Popsicles pop.
  • Whales poop ice cubes.
  • Dad can do kung-fu someday, just like you did when you were a little, little baby.
  • My love is spiky.
  • after realizing her arm was sticky, “Does that mean I’m a magnet now?”
  • I have some money for Daddy because he needs to make money at work.
  • I had a hard day at work.
  • This is a very important breakfast for me.
  • You asked very nice. I’m proud of you.
  • When I grow up I want to be a mommy, just like you.
  • Running makes me fart.
  • God has lollipops for me at church.
  • (talking to Mr. Bun) “Just take a deep breath and walk away.”
  • Teeth teeth teeth. You’ve got to have teeth or you’ll freak out.
  • Taxis are cars that have some tacks in them!
  • I’m stirring this big pot. If it stinks, we can send out for pizza.
  • Mom, did you know that sour cream is made of sour?
  • “Am I always going to be Violet? I want to be a turtle.”
  • Dr. Seuss and Dr. Pepper are the same thing.
  • When I’m grown up I’m going to drink wine and it’s going to taste good, right?
  • 2nd poem: “Pumpkin, pumkpin, pumpkin fairy. Had a wife and she was hairy.”
  • “Z” is for Zoe and for sleep.
  • after hearing that Mommy & Daddy are going on a date, “Yeah. It’s good to have a friend.”

5 responses to “Twittering with Violet”

  1. Amber

    I love this post. And I just adore Violet. She’s awesome.

  2. Mom

    Miss Violet just amazes and delights me! I can’t wait for Graham’s words of wisdom and awareness!

    Yes, that is the best jumping photo EVER!

  3. Stacy C

    Oh my gosh…Violet is hoo-larious!!!

  4. Rebecca

    These are fantastic! I’m kicking myself for not tracking all the things the girls have said. I guess it’s never too late to start!

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