the boy

There is no way to describe how awesome this kid is.  But I’d better try because the Terrible Twos and Theatrical Threes are fast approaching.  I know he can’t possibly be this easy-going, happy, sweet and affectionate forever.  For now I’m enjoying him waking up laughing, cheering at every request, entertaining himself, randomly bestowing kisses and hugs, screaming with joy whenever we walk in the door, gasping with amazement at anything new, and basically just bursting with awesomeness.  And he’s a sensitive dude.

Here are things hates/fears:

  • bugs
  • puppets
  • the stern “no”
  • animatronic creatures
  • being dirty
  • being surprised
  • Violet

and things he loves:

  • TV
  • cats & dogs
  • the moon
  • vehicles
  • balls
  • food
  • books
  • Violet

2 responses to “the boy”

  1. Kristen

    Hey there. I’m feeling ya on this…Dean is pretty awesome too! I think part of it might just be the second child: often left-to-their-own-devices, never immediately soothed, chill, younger than wild/loud/demanding sibling… and maybe when they hit the terrible twos things will change. But then again, maybe they won’t. Keep lovin’…

  2. Mom

    Yes…he can possibly be that easy-going, happy, sweet and affectionate forever. Maybe that’s who he is. In any case its worth appreciating now…Mommies always remember the best stuff!

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