what Violet said about Graham

Here are some comments from Violet about her brother over the past year or so.  Clearly she has some mixed feelings:

  • (Graham) is going to grow up, get married and have lots of children.
  • I was really patient when you were feeding Graham.
  • I don’t like your singing, but Graham does.
  • I’m proud when Graham cries.
  • I said to Graham, “It’s ok buddy boy” and he liked it.
  • I DON”T want to share Daddy with Graham
  • (singing) Graham is ham when he is squished by a caaaaaar!
  • But I WANT to squish Graham. I want to squish Graham ALL DAY!!!
  • Graham’s obsessed with spinning.
  • If Graham puked on mommy’s shoe then my thought is that I think that Graham is sick.
  • Graham’s crying because he’s hungry. I know a lot about Graham. I’m an expert.
  • after kicking Graham and being asked “What were you thinking?” Answer: “I was thinking of kicking Graham.”
  • Someday when Graham gets older we can break him and make him into another thing. Like a desk. Or a vanity. Or a chair.
  • Graham was giving the kids a concert. A wedgie concert.
  • to Graham, “Shut up and kiss me.”
  • (singing) Graham, Graham, stay with me. I know that you’re cute. Graham-ity Graham-ity stay with me. I know that you’re cute. Staaay home.
  • Graham, if you don’t come with me right now I’m going to pick you up by your head and carry you around.
  • Graham is just a big bowl of yogurt.
  • after playing “chase” with Graham, “I’m SO glad he can walk now.”

(As noted on her Twitter page)

3 responses to “what Violet said about Graham”

  1. Justin

    Life is like a box of chocolates? Screw that. Graham is just a big bowl of yogurt.

  2. Mom

    How in the heck do you keep a straight face?

  3. Stacy C

    I love all of those, but my favorite is the one about breaking him and making him into something else. Clever little Violet, always repurposing 😉

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