language aquisition for the 2nd kid

(Today’s post is brought to you by my amazing husband and mother-in-law who have taken the kids out to let me get some things done.)

We’ve been trying to teach Graham sign language, really we have.  But it’s a much more difficult task when your hands are busy doing something for the first born child.  So the boy has not picked up as many signs as early as Violet.  But he is talking more and earlier than Violet.  Maybe that is because she is always around, yakking.

Still, the language explosion is ramping up.  Along with the signs he is finally excitedly gathering (“helicopter” and “dolphin” being his favorites) we’re hearing more words every day.  And yet, interestingly, Graham has his own language.  I find it hard to explain how odd this is.  He’s not babbling.  He’s not trying out new sounds.  He’s talking.  In his own language.  He’s got syntax, grammar, intonation, vocabulary used for very specific situations.  He’ll speaks for paragraphs to someone and then pause, waiting for a response.  Everyone looks at me for a translation, but I have no idea.  It’s a mystery.  And amazing.

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