Austin Memory Walk

I’m participating in the Austin Memory Walk this Saturday to raise money for Alzheimer research.  My Grammy had the disease.  I’d like to wipe it off the planet as soon as possible.  Please consider donating to our team.

Keep in mind that many companies match donations, so be sure to ask your employer.

Here’s a picture of me, my brother and Grammy circa 1980’s (as you can tell by the hair).

4 responses to “Austin Memory Walk”

  1. Cecil

    WOW…I think we may have been there that day! Yours & Joe’s clothes are the clue…think maybe it was one of those Easter Sundays of ham and hot-cross buns!! 🙂

  2. Merritt

    In this picture, I see Graham in Joe’s smile and cheeks.

  3. Mom

    I think you are right Cecil! Kind of brings a tear…

    I see Joe in Graham too…especially in his temperament…so sensitive and sweet.

  4. Dad/Apa

    Choke… wasn’t ready for that.
    That was in our back yard on Bryson.
    You are so sweet to be doing this. Thank you! :’-)

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