no time to post

It’s gone…  Violet has completely given up her nap.  Quiet time has failed.   Her room is right next to Graham’s.  It is physically impossible for a 3-year-old (at least this one) to play quietly alone for any longer than 5 minutes.  (What can I do aside from duct taping her mouth or tying her to a tree in the front yard?)  And so she wakes him up.  And so he screams angrily for the rest of the afternoon.  And so she punches him.  And so I flip out, scream and stick my head in the freezer.  Whee!

So.  From about 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., I’m Mommy.  No meal break.  No coffee break.  No listening to the radio in the car during the commute.  No checking email or twitter or blogging.  Exhausting isn’t a strong enough word.

I have an hour at night after all the chores are done.  But by then I can’t string together a coherent sentence.  Yeah.  No time to post.

(By the way, Violet just fell asleep on the living room floor (clearly still needs a nap), which is why I am able to dash this out.)

4 responses to “no time to post”

  1. Mary

    You need so need a break! Have you thought about enrolling her in a preschool a couple days a week? I think we are going to put Abhi in Jackie’s School at the beginning of the year and I am pretty sure they have a part-time and Mother’s Day out option. They had dance, karate, and gymnastic classes (get that energy out, lol). *hugs*

  2. Stacy C

    Oh honey, you’re speaking my language. The only breaks I get are when I am at my part time job. I actually think you have it worse than I do–at least my hubby gets home by 6:30 p.m.

  3. Leti

    Wow, Cheris, sounds rough. Um, but they get older and wiser? I know, little consolation…can’t wait to see you in October 🙂

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