Clothing Swap & Wilco dress

It’s been a while.  This is what happens when Violet no longer naps.  NOTHING gets done.  I’ve insisted on “quiet time”, which is kind of a joke.  So let’s see how many days it takes to get this post out.

Last month we attended a clothing swap put on by this amazing organization.  Families brought in their outgrown clothes and brought home bags of clothes they could use.  Surrounding the swappers were sewing machines and silk-screeners, ready to alter or decorate finds.  I spied a Wilco shirt that ended up being too small.  Rob brought it over to one of the sewing artists and asked if it could be made into a dress for a preschooler.  She whipped up this kick-ass design.

In the end, we walked away with several outfits and pairs of shoes for the kids, including roller skates for Violet.  She has been thrilled to death with them.

Hurray for ways to save money, reduce the waste of packaging and transportation,  encourage creativity and build a sense of community.  Every town needs something like this.  Every neighborhood, even.

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