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my new toy

my new toy

After loads of research, last week we made the leap and bought an entry level dslr camera.  (I swear I didn’t lose the old camera on purpose just so I could get a new toy.)  I didn’t realize how much I’d missed my old 35mm.  There is nothing like that immediate satisfying click after pressing […]

help me out here

As some of you may know, I’m on the board for a possible charter school to open in Austin in 2009.  This school will offer a dual language education.  I’m a bit obsessed about this subject and could go on and on.  But right now I’d like to keep it short and just ask for […]

This is not going according to plan.

You know the plan we had where our kids would play together and entertain each other?  Failure.  They hate each other right now.  HATE.  I can’t leave them alone because someone cries the second I step out of the room.  Graham is so terrified of Violet she can’t even hug him anymore (if she wanted […]

the alligator song Click to see Violet’s debut.  Rob’s dreams of a family band are coming together. (Now to learn how to play bass…)

any good samaritans out there?

Because if you find a camera on the side of the road, that would be ours. This morning I was taking pictures of the kids in the front yard.  I put the camera on top of the car for just a second.  Of course, I got side-tracked.  Tonight the kids were actually sitting in the […]

Take Two

Take Two

We never heard back from Pampers, or the photographer for that matter.  A few months after G’s last photo shoot I sent her a vaguely sneaky email saying something like, “You know how you promised to send me some shots?  The ones Pampers didn’t want?  Or the ones of Violet?  Well, I just realized that […]