Am I homesick or just sick of home?

Okay, I’m not really sick of home.  What I am sick of is triple digit heat.  For weeks.  WEEKS!  So spending cool days and chilly nights in the northwest was a welcome relief.  Last year’s rant still applies.  I’ll always miss tall trees, mountains and seasons.  Sometimes I really don’t think that Austin makes up for Texas.

Our time in Oceanside was, as usual, wonderful and relaxing, aside from the added drama of toddler Graham running amok.   He only broke one lamp.  At 3.5 Violet is much less of a bull in a china shop.  I, of course, managed to break a dish.  But that is only because I have the dexterity of a toddler.

Any trip to casa de Tumbletide may or may not include beach combing and one or more of the following activties:

  • Toddler Jumping (Graham has taken over Violet’s job, as noted in the 2008 & 2007 photos below):

  • Walking (without baby backpacks our hikes are really more stroll-ish):
  • Napping (oh yeah, gotta have naps):
  • Swinging (of course):

  • Touring the Tillamook cheese factory:
  • Snacking (with cocktails for the grown-ups):
  • Basking in grandparently attention: 

2 responses to “Am I homesick or just sick of home?”

  1. Elizabeth

    “Sometimes I really don’t think that Austin makes up for Texas.”

    Amen. Very profound.

  2. Sarah

    Rob’s Toddler Jumping form is absolute perfection.

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