Family Reunion

My grand grandfather, Grandad, worked on the Panama Canal.  He and Granny and raised a family there.  Their descendants (around 75 of us) swarmed to a beautiful ranch in Oregon over the 4th of July for a reunion.

Getting there was no easy task.  Violet was an angel, but these days Graham wants to run around and flirt with the passengers on the plane instead of sitting quietly.  It didn’t help that our portable DVD player was on the fritz.  And the 3.5 hour car trip after 6 hours in airports and planes was toddler/parent torture.

But it was worth it to see family and introduce my kids to people I hadn’t seen since I was a kid myself.  I was a little nervous because, as an introvert in a family of… um, passionate extroverts, I felt sure that some kind of drama would eventually overwhelm us.  But the craziness was of the happy variety.  Horseshoe, bocci ball and cribbage touraments.  Pancakes, egg bakes, bbq, kegs and Jonny Mazetti. Graham won a Panama hat in the raffle.   Violet was drunk on Capri Sun for 3 days.  The weekend culminated in a Talent Show on Saturday night.  This is a very musical family.   Rob and Violet absolutely brought the house down with their number “Alligators Estan Muy Pelligroso”.  (More on that later when I get the video up.)

The only trouble was that we didn’t seem to have enough time to talk to everyone.

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  1. Rob Jackson

    The alligators song can be found here:

    On the track Reunion Part 3.

    It was awesome seeing you guys. Can’t wait to see you again.

  2. Andy

    Much better than the one-ball juggling act I would have used…

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