Violet likes TV now. It has only taken 3.5 years, but suddenly she’ll actually sit and watch a 1/2 hour video. Graham is a natural-born couch potato and will stare slack-jawed at the tube indefinitely. So now I can actually cook dinner (relatively) uninterrupted and (mostly) without a child or two clinging to my leg.¬† I’m almost looking forward to the next cold I have, because it will be such a novelty¬† to just lay down and be sick.

But I’m starting to dream beyond the necessities and imagine all I could get done with help from the gently glowing babysitter in the living room: a freshly painted kitchen wall that was damaged in the flood of ’05, a clean garage used for (gasp) cars, a garden not dying and actually producing food, zero papers in the in-box… incredible! It’s like I’ve been starving for years and suddenly someone has put an all-you-can-eat buffet in front of me. How can I just serve myself a salad and be satisfied? Don’t I deserve onion rings and cake, dammit!?

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  1. Leah

    i shall send videos. enjoy some time to yourself!

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