Moonlight Float

Rob had a fundraiser gig with the Texas River School last Saturday.  Every month, on the Saturday closest to the full moon, there is a potluck dinner at the Texas Rowing Center.  A band plays music on a raft tied to the dock.  At 7:30 the raft pushes off, everyone hops into canoes or kayaks and follows them down to the Congress Bridge.  At sunset the bats pour out from under the bridge.  When the show is over, everyone paddles back to the dock in the twilight.

Rob and I made a date of it last month.  Very fun.  This month Rob’s band played on the raft.  I decided to take Violet; risky, because the whole event is past her bed time.  Thankfully, my first Austin buddy, Shannon, showed up to help me paddle.  Violet was thrilled beyond belief the entire time.  She actually sat still in the canoe and no one had to dive in the river to rescue her.  A bat pooped on me, but I think guano is good luck.  Graham even survived his first babysitter night without his sister to protect him.


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  1. Mom

    Hey…you forgot to mention that your Mom is Texas River School manager VP of the foundation’s board of directors.

  2. Mom

    No biggie…that was my ego talking. I’m just so dang proud and honored to be a part of such a fun and fabulous organization. I never thought I could feel this good about going to work every day. It’s just great!

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