garden update

Enthusiasm is waning. Why? Maybe because it has been 100 degrees for weeks. Maybe because some bugs are using the garden as an all-you-can-eat buffet, while others are using us as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Maybe Violet is tired of trying to humor me. (“Yes Mom, I see the baby cucumber. Now can we go swing?”)

Okay, so I’m glad I can run to the grocery store instead of digging disgusting larvae out of my zucchini. Not so sustainable over here in suburbia.

Our sunflower house now has an unintentional back door, and side door, thanks to wind, heat and Graham. Plus the east side is still smaller than the west. Some sunflowers, though, are taller than Violet and some have started to bloom. It may be more of a lean-to than a house. But we’ll take whatever shade we can get.

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  1. Sharon Lovejoy

    So glad you’re doing a sunflower house. I wrote Sunflower Houses in 1991 and since then have received hundreds of letters and photos of beautiful creations. Sometimes nature hurls everything at us, but just having one sunflower is enough for JOY!

    Keep up your great Mother’s work and blog (when do you find time). I so enjoy it.

    Please visit my blog. I’m going to have a drawing in a few days for some of my books and others.

    Green Blessings,
    Sharon Lovejoy (

  2. Melanie

    Sounds like you’ve got squash borers — totally gross and hard to kill. I, on the other hand, have thieving squirrels decimating my tomato crop. How did farmers ever survive?

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