Graham & Violet’s First Year: a Comparison

I hate to compare the kids.

Okay. That’s not true. I like to compare them. Let’s face it. It’s interesting. (I’ll just try to avoid future statements like “Your brother eats his peas. Why can’t you be like him?” or “Your sister can leap off the back of the couch without breaking her arm, why can’t you?” etc.)

So here is a month-by-month comparison of Violet and Graham’s first year. Bask in the cuteness.

(Technical note:  Those of you looking at this post in a feed reader, the photos are side-by-side if you click through to the actual web site.  Please do it, because I slaved in html trying to figure this out.)

7 responses to “Graham & Violet’s First Year: a Comparison”

  1. Elizabeth


  2. shannou

    Wow! So cool that you were taking Graham’s pictures based on the previous ones of Violet’s! Very ingenious! (not too mention adorable).

  3. Amber

    I LOVE this. It’s so neat to see how much they used to be alike and then slowly they became more “themselves”. Will you help me do one?

  4. Stacy C

    Wow, I wish I’d thought of doing the “similar” poses with the babies. I did monthly photos of Cody and am doing the same with them. Love the idea of putting them all side by side, too!

  5. Leah

    way too cute!!!

  6. Mom

    OMG!!! Brother and Sister. They looks so much alike and yet it is so obvious that they are boy/girl/brother/sister. What a great way to recognize them!! I love it!


  7. becks

    Aww man! So cute, almost makes me want another one soon. Almost! Way to make absurdly cute kids.

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