Is Botox in my future?

I don’t mind my new wrinkles. Really, I don’t. But a couple of them are starting to cause misunderstandings.

Exhibit A:

I swear I am not scowling angrily at my 12-month-old for wanting a drink. I’m trying to help him use a straw so he doesn’t dump ice water on himself. I’m just concentrating! Geez! It’s no wonder I often hear Violet say, “Mommy, are you angry? I want you to be happy!” or Rob say, “What was that look? What did I do?” when really I’m just squinting into the sun or calculating complex equations in my head.

Seriously… should I inject poison into my forehead to avoid people thinking I’m pissed at the world? Just wondering.

6 responses to “Is Botox in my future?”

  1. Elizabeth

    You don’t look mad. You look like you are seriously contemplating what’s actually in that container. Perplexed might be a better word.

  2. leah

    lady, that is how you always look. you’re not mad, you’re cheris.

  3. Granny

    Cheris…pretty soon your kids are going to see you as the wonderful, unique, amazing, creative, loving, nurturing, sweet, human being that you are…and that will be the greatest gift, ever!…because that is who you are (warts and all…just like the rest of us!!!)

  4. leah

    i agree with granny!

  5. Granny

    Thanks Leah! I love you ladies too and hope you are doing good…send me an email sometime!!! You are the best!

    Ann…the other mother!

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