poor baby

We discovered Graham had an ear infection at his 1 year check-up. I had suspected as much for a week or so, and it didn’t seem to be getting any better, so we put him on antibiotics for the first time. A week later he broke out in a rash. Painful looking red bumps all over his face and body. Our doctor thinks he may be allergic to the antibiotics or the shrimp we had for dinner the night before. Either scenario is a bummer.

Saturday morning I kept him home. Boring for both of us.  Rob and Violet got to go have fun at a park.  Then we decided he just looks like a leper and is not contagious like one so we went ahead with our dinner plans. Rob had a gig at Freddie’s restaurant. It was odd to see people give Graham a double-take, not because he is cute, but because they’re clearly wondering why we’re either a) torturing a sick baby by dragging him around town or b) infecting the population.

Here’s Graham looking icky and grouchy.

Now here are reasons why Graham rocks (in case we forget while he is feeling icky and grouchy):

  • he gasps and whispers “oh wow” when he sees something amazing
  • he would rather climb than walk
  • he sits on his knees like a big kid
  • he has a gap between his front teeth
  • his eyes crinkle at the corners when he smiles
  • he is the biggest couch potato and would sit motionless watching videos for hours if he could (something Violet has never been able to accomplish in all her 3 years)

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  1. Bill

    even with hives, he’s still such a little cutie! poor little guy…

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