He walks! (and other updates)

Four days after his first birthday Graham took his first solo steps: into the arms of a daycare staff member at the health club.


Okay, I’m a little bitter. I stay at home with the kids, in part, to be able to see these milestones myself rather than get a report from a third party. But we have been going to the gym 4 days a week since the kids were 6 weeks old, so it was bound to happen at some point. In any case, he was very proud as he let go and toddled over to me.

This isn’t a surprise. We’d all been waiting since it was clear that his commando crawl was frustrating him to no end. Really, how fast can one go using only the toes and forearms. He does crawl like a real baby at times, but what he really longs to do is catch up with Violet.

Oma & Apa wanted to witness his first steps when they visited in March, since they’d seen Violet take hers. Gramma & Grampa thought for sure he’d walk while they were here a couple weeks ago. At least they hoped, since he was breaking their backs by insisting on walking around holding their index fingers in an iron grip. But no. He saved his proud moment for Gold’s Gym.

The day before he’d had his year checkup.

  • weight: 20 lbs 6 oz (25th %) (we can turn the carseat forward! yay!)
  • height: 30″ (50th %)
  • shots: 4 ouch (no fever this time)
  • ear infection: 1 (his first. explains why he’s been so cranky)
  • teeth: 4 (2 top, 2 bottom)
  • security object: any of my t-shirts
  • hair: coming in red and blonde (thankfully he still looks like Rob)
  • naps: 2
  • signs: dog, bird, airplane, more, milk, wind, eat
  • words: hi, Dada (grrrr…)
  • birthday party: No cake! Scary cake! ….yummy cake… zzzz (sugar coma)

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  1. TX Granny

    He took lots of steps for me and he was very proud!! We had a great afternoon together! Thanks for sharing his adorableness!!

  2. leah

    he has reddish hair, ’cause he takes after me….

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