I’m just one stomach flu away from my ideal weight.

Good line. Bad movie. And change “ideal” to “pre-pregnancy”. But I am, in fact, just slinking out from under some kind of virus that kept me from eating more than toast and Gatorade for most of the past week. Not my favorite way to diet.

The bad news is that my parents were visiting from Oregon, so they spent most of the time taking care of me. And the good news is that my parents were here from Oregon, so they spent most of the time taking care of me. Sigh. What I really wanted to do was maybe go hiking, drink cocktails, putter around the house, drink cocktails, cook delicious food, drink cocktails, etc. What really happened is that I spent every waking hour in the bathroom, on the couch or with my head stuck near an open window to avoid the smell of anything cooking. Thankfully the kids were thrilled and entertained by Oma and Apa, who also managed to power through a huge to-do list. These are the kind of things they find fun: digging stumps out of the dirt, rigging a new spring for the garbage can lid, taking apart the car stereo to fish out $1.50 in change (guess who put that in there?), shop-vac-ing the grill, rotating the playscape, grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, rewiring and installing an over-the-stove microwave and vent. Whew.

When are they coming back?

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