Graham and Violet were late on their well-checks because our new insurance didn’t kick in until February. Also, I was putting off making the decision to switch doctors. It’s not that I didn’t like their pediatrician; I just didn’t know how much better it could be. At the pediatrician’s I always felt like we were on an assembly line. They couldn’t get us out of the room fast enough. The staff seem just, well, tired of kids. At my doctor’s the staff gather around to coo at Graham and chat with Violet whenever I show up with the kids. My doctor stays and talks to me until I make a move to leave. She remembers small details about the whole family. She is patient when Violet hides behind a chair at the terrifying suggestion that someone look in her ear. Violet even made up a song about her the other day. So I took the plunge and transfered the kids over to my GP. I feel old-timey having a family doctor, but in good way.

So we finally went for the well-check, and both are, um, well. No shots this time. Violet dressed in her scrubs, which slayed the entire staff. She weighs 31 pounds and is 37 inches tall. I think that’s average. I’m sure they told me, but my mind is like a sieve these days. Despite the fact that she seems to subsist on milk and bread, she’s extremely healthy and has way too much energy.


Graham weighs close to 19 pounds. However, he has dropped from the 50th percentile in weight and height to the 10th. This is not something we should be worried about, unless he continues to drop or plateaus too long. She suspects he just hasn’t gone through his next growth spurt yet. Right now he’s getting at least two more teeth and is not at all happy about it. Chipper Lump has become Cranky McSquirm. He also pretty much refuses to be spoon fed. Thankfully he’ll eat just about anything he can stuff into his own mouth, broccoli being his favorite. If just one of my kids eats a vegetable on a regular basis, I’ll be pleased.


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