For my friends and family not living in Texas, here’s what’s going on:

We both voted today and tried to caucus. Our plan was that Rob would put Graham to bed while I ran out and then I’d come back and put Violet to bed while he ran out. We’d heard that the caucus (something new for us and most people here) was just a matter of signing your name for your preferred presidential candidate and then going home. But it’s important because 1/3 of the delegates are chosen this way. And we all know Texas actually matters this year.

Well. The voting ended at 7 and caucusing began after the last people voted. I showed up at 7:15 and the last voters weren’t done until 7:45. We waited outside until almost 8. Then waited inside until 9:15. Waited for them to confirm we had voted earlier. THEN we waited in another line to sign up for our candidate.

Our neighborhood is pretty diverse, and the crowd was friendly, if confused about the whole caucusing thing. The crowd (about 300) starting splitting into lines for Clinton or Obama and it was even for a while. By the the end, though, the Obama line was twice as long. Both lines seemed very similar in terms of demographic distribution except that every black person in the room was in the Obama line. Folks keep talking about the Hispanic vote in Texas going to Hillary, but I’m not so sure.

So, I signed my name and went home. Two hours later. I don’t really understand why Texas has to put us through this. And I’m not sure anyone else knows why either. But it can’t really hurt to get out and meet people in your own neighborhood.

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