Life at Three

Yes, Violet turned 3 last week.


And I think she has turned a corner too. She’s still just as stubborn and determined as she has been since she was born. But she’s also sweet and brilliant and funny and amazing every other second. It’s exhausting, though. But we’re having so much fun with her right now.

And here is where technology helps my addled brain keep up with her. Twitter is recording the bizarre (genius?) comments she makes throughout the day, where I would otherwise forget. (My laptop is on the bookshelf in the living room, making this very easy to do.) Favorite samples:

  • Mommy, let’s talk about your angry feelings.
  • speaking to her imaginary baby, “My #1 job as a mommy is to keep you safe. So that’s why you need to buckle up.”
  • We only get chocolate milk on *occasions*, daddy. On *occasions*.
  • while peering into my bloodshot eyes, “What are those red cracks in there?”
  • If yellow and blue make green, I will be VERY happy.
  • Mommy, you’re being bossy. You need to say please.
  • My brain is in my head. And no one is gonna eat it.
  • I cooked soup pie and apple soup with potato sauce.
  • (Graham) is going to grow up, get married and have lots of children.
  • Mommy! You vacuumed! Thank you! Thank you!
  • Can I have some cold hot chocolate?
  • God’s not here. He’s at work.
  • Cat’s don’t sleep. They just wake up.
  • after using the bathroom, “Aaaahhh, that feels MUCH better.”
  • while at the doctor looking at a 3D model of the female reproductive system, “Do you put money in it?”
  • Mommy, you’re my best friend in the whole wide world.

No, you can’t make that stuff up. Anyone wanting to follow her Twitter account go here. You can add it to your Bloglines feeds to make it easy.

Other things to consider while raising a preschooler:

  • Don’t assume she’ll come home wearing her own shoes. She has discovered it is possible to switch shoes with a classmate and wear them home.
  • If she’s running down the sidewalk to hug her daddy who has just come home from work, she’s going to take a nose-dive onto the pavement and give herself a fat lip. Also, don’t keep insisting she clean the blood off her face when it’s actually road rash. It’ll make her cry.


  • Don’t trim her bedraggled baby hair while it’s in a ponytail like they do on TV. The bizarre missing chunk in the back is probably going to result in a violent trip to the salon to fix the damage. (Side note: I cried over having to cut this tiny blond bit that has been on her head since birth. Dang, I’m such a mom.)


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  1. TX Granny

    This is great stuff but I can’t figure out how to sign on to twitter. I’m so sad!!! Help!

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