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They're worse than the paparazzi.

They’re worse than the paparazzi.

I mean, do the paparazzi cry when Britney Spears leaves the room? Do they grab her leg and dig their fingernails into her skin? Do they commando crawl after her grunting “uhn uhn”? Why are my kids so much worse than the paparazzi? Or, better question, why am I so much more awesome than Britney […]

watch out, Zoolander

watch out, Zoolander

(Graham’s “Magnum“) Yes, Graham is now a male model. Will we see him on a package of Pampers soon? Perhaps. A casting agent in my mama group recently needed cute babies for a Pamper’s print ad. Hey! I’ve got a cute baby; who am I to deny him his chance at fame? So Graham and […]

too tired

Something has got to give. What can I let slide? A house we can walk through without tripping on something? Clean dishes? Diaper changes? Clean clothes? A few minutes of grown-up conversation? Food in the kitchen? Interaction with the kids? Cooked meals? Exercise? One 15 minute break per day? Writing? Sleep? Sanity? Oh right. Sleep. […]

Life at Three

Life at Three

Yes, Violet turned 3 last week. And I think she has turned a corner too. She’s still just as stubborn and determined as she has been since she was born. But she’s also sweet and brilliant and funny and amazing every other second. It’s exhausting, though. But we’re having so much fun with her right […]



My brother cracks me up. How did he know that Graham wants to be a crime boss when he grows up? Here’s the original.

I’m, like, all sorts of official and stuff…

…because I am now on the board for the Austin Community School. What does this mean?   What expertise can I offer? I have had no experience with this kind of thing. But I am a bit obsessed about the idea of dual language immersion. To that end I helped get the ball rolling on […]

Why is Graham jabbering at me from his crib instead of sleeping?

Why is Graham jabbering at me from his crib instead of sleeping?

Oh right. He’s a baby. And he’s concerned. Concerned that bony protrusions are slicing up his gums. Concerned that he hasn’t mastered crawling and the cat is just… out… of… reach. Concerned that I refuse to rock him for an hour and a half while he catches some Zs. This jabbering is keeping me from […]