My eyes! My eyes!

That’s right. Violet shared her conjunctivitis and cold with me. Niiiice. Now I look like someone punched me in the eyes. The good news is that I can put the medicine in myself and I don’t need someone to sit on my torso, pinning my arms while clamping my forehead down and peeling open my eyelids at the same time. That’s what we had to do with Violet. Three times a day. Fun.

The other good news is that my doctor found out that the “black thing” in Violet’s ear IS wax. So her constant, “What? Huh? Whadyousay??” hopefully indicates that she is two, not hearing impaired.

Oh, and the final good news: today was in the mid 70s. So we had TWO picnics. Take that Yankees.


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  1. The Texas Mom

    I remember those days…whew!!

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