Snotty New Year

The one thing Violet managed to share with Graham is this cold. It’s his first. Of course we didn’t realize exactly how sick he was before we dragged him out for a New Year’s Eve celebration and a birthday party on New Year’s Day. Best parents ever. We do apologize to anyone our kid snotted on.


See how hard he tries to smile even while feeling like crap? All day long he gave me the most pitiful questioning look that basically said, “Mommy, what the hell is going on? Why do I feel this bad?” Heart. Breaking.

4 responses to “Snotty New Year”

  1. Granny

    On my precious little monkey!! I share his pain. Cheris, I hope you are feeling okay!!

  2. Chris K

    Having a sick kid is like watching Dick Clark on TV… so sad. Good luck with the boogers.

  3. leah

    too cute! sorry he does not feel well!

  4. Cari (B) K.

    Cheris and Rob—
    Today when I read Violet’s comments about life I was laughing out loud at work and almost got busted by my boss…I’m not supposed to be on the internet you see…
    You make me smile! Thank you!!!

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