All Christmasy

It’s official. Becoming a parent of a kid (as opposed to a baby or toddler) has squelched my bah humbug tendencies. We’re having more fun blending our old holiday childhood traditions, and finding new ones. It really is the furthest thing from store-bought or contrived.

Since Violet doesn’t quite understand the passage of time, she didn’t remember it was Christmas morning. But when reminded, she ran out to the living room, saw this…

…and said, “Look at all the presents for ME!”

Well, not all for her, but she did help us open most of them. The morning was so exciting that she told us she was tired (WHA…?) and quietly went to bed for an afternoon nap. Graham even skipped his daily nap-strike scream-fest and snoozed too. Of course, when the girl woke up she had a fever of 102. Since then we’ve been laying low. Right now Violet is asleep on my bedroom floor.


Violet is now sleeping behind the Christmas tree.  All attempts to remove her and put her to bed have failed.

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  1. leah

    poor baby feels yucky.

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