Long Island

This may have been our best plane ride yet. The kids were (nearly) perfect. Maybe Violet is just getting older or we’re just realizing that we can’t strap her into a seat for hours on end. (Loads of standing, laying, walking, sitting on the floor, etc.) We arrived on Long Island where the kids were ecstatic to see their grandparents and Rob’s Aunt Pat. (We were too, of course.) Gramma made sure every little detail was taken care of so we’d be comfortable. Violet slept better than she had in weeks in the room “that used to be Daddy’s when he was a little boy!” Graham’s feet never touched the ground, especially the day of the Big Family Party.

Rob and I even got to go out on a date while Gramma, Grampa and Aunt Pat watched the kids one afternoon. Lessons learned that day: 1) Don’t stuff Graham into a snowsuit and drive through rush hour traffic, and 2) an 8 month old will defeat a 70 year old in any battle where red wrapping paper is on the line.

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  1. leah

    YAY! sounds like fun!

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