quiet time

It’s supposed to be “quiet time” (my only break of the day) but right now I’m listening to my kids scream. They’re keeping each other up. Actually, Violet is just calling me. Loudly. Graham is screaming like someone is poking out his eyeballs. He’s fine, it’s just that the second nap of the day is a struggle for him sometimes. But he needs it, and so do I.


Yesterday was the last “all original” playgroup. We met when our first babies were small. I can’t even explain how important it is to have a mama-posse to help out. Commiserate. Celebrate. Our kids can’t remember a time they didn’t play together. So I’m in mourning because they’re (almost) all moving away. Across the country or across town, it doesn’t matter. What with new baby naps and Austin traffic, it might as well be on the other side of the planet.


2 responses to “quiet time”

  1. Mary

    We should get together sometime! Abhi is always asking when she can play with her friends. Just email me whenever you want.

  2. Amber

    It is not insurmountable. We will still get together because we love each other. And other than Katie, we are all not going to be that far from each other really. I’m sad too, but I won’t let a thirty minute car ride defeat us!

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