toy Jonestown

This is what I see when I walk into Violet’s room these days:

On more than one occasion I have found her sleeping in line next to them. Perhaps even more scary is the elaborate “chapel time” she reenacts with her dolls and stuffed animals right before “nap time”. Hmm. We don’t even go to church. Is she channeling Jim Jones?

More likely she thinks the park bench Oma and Apa sent her looks like a pew she sits on once a week at her Lutheran Mother’s Morning Out program. But still. This imagination thing can be unsettling.

Take Sasha for example. She is a little girl, three years old, long purple hair, no clothes, no mommy. And she is Violet’s best imaginary friend. Poppy and Chachi come play too sometimes. But mostly Sasha just hangs out with Violet and tries to get her into trouble. She has been known to scream in the house, take food on the carpet, yell at Graham, throw toys. Violet constantly explains the rules to Sasha and puts her in time out, but the kid will NOT listen. I’m about to kick some imaginary ass.

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  1. leah

    hmmm sascha sounds like she needs a kick in the imaginary butt 😉 love that she has long purple hair, no clothes and no mommy. she is very imaginative kid, and perhaps a wishful thinker. did you tell v that her mommy had purple hair once, or was it pink?

    dolls and babies face down? maybe they sleep better without the sun in their little eyes?

  2. Texas Granny

    A few days ago Violet introduced me to “Matma.” Matma likes to swing outside in the baby swing; but when Sasha shows up Matma get thrown out of the swing to make room for Sasha.

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