No turkey, but we’re thankful.

That’s right. We’re not cooking. We’re not even going anywhere. Graham doesn’t care. (Although I would like some pie. Mmmm… pie.) And Violet doesn’t quite get it, despite all the hard work her school put into the Thanksgiving Program. It is now clear to me that performances are in no way for the kids. Parents elbowed and nearly stampeded each other to get a good view of their child. Rob and Granny took long lunches to watch the show. I was just as excited as if Violet was staring in her own movie. I think I actually giggled the entire time. The kids trouped up on stage in hand-made pilgrim hats and Indian head-dresses singing “Hiya Hiya Banging on the TomTom”, etc. (Very PC, no?) Violet’s head-dress was covering her eyes most of the time until she finally broke formation and handed the blasted thing to her teacher. Of course she didn’t sing a word of the five songs she’d been belting out constantly for weeks. And yet I was so giddy with delight that I had one of those “so THIS is what it’s all about” moments.

Yesterday was a constant stream of those moments. Andy, Heather and Jack Reed were visiting. Rob got the day off so we met them at Sea World in San Antonio. The kids were amazing. They watched three animal shows, rode rides, ate junk food and didn’t nap, all without their heads exploding. They fell asleep before we got back on the freeway home.

And today it’s finally cold enough to drink Earl Grey in the afternoon. Yes! So I’m feeling very blissed out and extremely thankful for all our wonderful friends and family, even if we don’t always feed them giant bird to celebrate.

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