Halloween Madness

It started with the party at Rob’s work the Friday before Halloween. They take the holiday very seriously there. I dressed the kids in their Chinese pajamas (thanks Oma, Apa and Aunt Elsie!). Violet told us she wanted to be a cow suit (not a cow, a cow suit), but I wanted her to be a robot. And the robot cow suit idea never panned out.

The following Sunday was the ’05 Mamas Annual Halloween party. Violet ate a cupcake for dinner. By the time she was finished with “school” on Halloween day, her outfit was trashed.

She ended up borrowing her friend Evie’s Elmo costume from the year before to go trick-or-treating. (Evie wore the alligator costume that Violet has been refusing to wear for two years.) Graham wore a monkey costume (thanks Jen!). He lasted about 10 minutes in it. Thank you endless Texas summer. This was Violet’s first trick-or-treat experience. She seemed to think that everyone giving out candy also wanted to chat endlessly. (“I’m Elmo right now! Elmo has eyes! I have candy! Do you have a dog? I have a cat! There’s my brother!” etc. etc.) Very difficult to pry her away from each door. We made it to about five houses before the kids imploded.

2 responses to “Halloween Madness”

  1. leah

    1. flip flops on october 31!!!!
    2. the pjs are ADORABLE!
    3.kiss those kids for me!
    4. hug your self and rob for me!

  2. Alison Strobel Morrow

    Oh my gosh, that Chinese pajamas photo is adorable. Your children are absolutely precious!

    At least you got your kid in enough of a costume for people to tell what she was supposed to be. Mine refused the halo and wings, so she just looks like a girl in a white dress. Oh well. Next year. Maybe.

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