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toy Jonestown

toy Jonestown

This is what I see when I walk into Violet’s room these days: On more than one occasion I have found her sleeping in line next to them. Perhaps even more scary is the elaborate “chapel time” she reenacts with her dolls and stuffed animals right before “nap time”. Hmm. We don’t even go to […]

No turkey, but we’re thankful.

That’s right. We’re not cooking. We’re not even going anywhere. Graham doesn’t care. (Although I would like some pie. Mmmm… pie.) And Violet doesn’t quite get it, despite all the hard work her school put into the Thanksgiving Program. It is now clear to me that performances are in no way for the kids. Parents […]

why you should never let your child come to my house:

I may accidentally poison them. Let me preface this by saying that Violet is potty trained. She doesn’t even need to be reminded anymore. The reason she is potty trained is because of her deep and unending love of chocolate. Every time she goes #2 she gets a tiny piece. Worked instantly.  (And yet, when […]

Halloween Madness

Halloween Madness

It started with the party at Rob’s work the Friday before Halloween. They take the holiday very seriously there. I dressed the kids in their Chinese pajamas (thanks Oma, Apa and Aunt Elsie!). Violet told us she wanted to be a cow suit (not a cow, a cow suit), but I wanted her to be […]

daylight savings is evil

Whoever invented it should be sitting in a fiery pit of hell, being woken up by small children at 5 a.m. FOREVER.

it's permanent

it’s permanent

Well, the tattoos we got each other for our anniversary are permanent. I guess that means that our marriage is permanent. I mean, it would take lasers to remove these things. So that is what we are saying here, people. It would take lasers to break up this marriage. LASERS. Tattoo Story: The Why and […]