Half-year Birthday

Becoming a parent for the second time has turned me into a cliche-spouting stereotype. Can’t. Stop. Myself….

Where has the time gone? They grow up so fast! Before I know it they’ll be in college! They were born only five minutes ago!

Okay. Whew.

Actually, the first six months with Violet were incredibly slow. But with Graham this is, like I said, going by scary fast. At least it’s helping me remember that any horrible phase they go through will actually end. And then I remember that any cute phase they go through will actually end.


Graham Stats:

  • weight: 16 lbs 12 oz (50%)
  • reaction to shots: ouch, scream, nurse, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • accomplishments: rolling over belly to back, sitting up for 2 seconds, standing up while holding the table, being extremely charming and happy, inventing a perpetual motion machine

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  1. Aunt Sarah

    Have a very merry un-birthday, G!

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