Teletubbies must die

I don’t get it. Violet has never watched an entire video in her whole life (except once while strapped into a car seat and after having not slept for 5 days ). But now she is obsessed, obsessed with Teletubbies. Don’t get me wrong, the show isn’t that bad. There’s some hypnotic trippy quality to it. My problem is that I’ve recorded only two episodes. So that’s what we watch. Over and over and over and over and over….

Thankfully she still doesn’t watch an entire video and is still eternally pinging against every surface in the house. But she somehow needs to have it on in the background. I see Teletubbies when I close my eyes. I hear their voices when I try to sleep. I dream of finding Tinky-Winky’s hand-bag.

Someone. Please. Kill me.

11 responses to “Teletubbies must die”

  1. Granny

    Honestly…buy the videos! If it gives you even 5 minutes of peace it will be well worth the money. In fact…maybe that’s a Granny item to consider.

  2. Rachel Hobson

    I can so sympathize. Both my kids when through Teletubbie phases. It was like CRACK. They could be running through the house and hear the little “ding da ding ding” from the opening and they would zoooom to the TV and sit there in a trance for the whole episode. Barf.

    The phase ended, though – so there’s hope! 🙂

  3. leah

    this made me crack up! record more!

  4. Rob L.

    I can’t believe I know the friggin’ Teletubbies’ names

  5. Heather

    La La is the only name I can remember from Jack’s Teletubbies days. See, you can block it out in time!

  6. Tom

    I forbid Rylee to watch that show. It’s bad enough having to watch Spongebob ten times a day, and then the ABC’s movie another dozen or so. By the way, thanks for that movie 🙂

  7. Katie

    It can only get worse….

    Wait until you start having sex dreams about them.

  8. kenneth j.


  9. Karnia

    I watched this show as a little kid, i was obsessed with it! then my brother told me it wasnt real, voila! i stoped watching it. i only watched it cuz i thought it was real 0.0 …… if ur kid watches it… tell them THEY DONT EXIST… they stop watching it 😀

  10. Nicholas K.

    ok im just 11 years old and i hate the teletubbies i never liked them ever to be honest they actually gave me headaches and made my stomach hurt but thats not why i didnt like them i just thought it was a stupid show

  11. Andy

    Teletubbies are Gay. Seriously, everytime my kids turn on the TV and watch that programme, I either just leave the room, or listen to my ipod plugged into some headphones and read the newspaper level to my face so that I can’t hear AND see that rubbish. Of course, the youngest child is turning six in a month, so hopefully he’ll then think he’s too old to watch it.

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