Have I ever mentioned how un-fun it is to be sick when you must take care of little people who may or may not also be sick? Yes. Yes I have. But last time I complained I only had one little person. So… waaaa… okay, I’m done.

Rob’s parents visited last weekend all the way from Long Island. Violet’s flying snot kept us indoors most of the time. Hopefully they weren’t too bored and stayed germ-free.

Meanwhile, the girl has learned how to open all the locks in the house, including the “child-proof” knobs. She has escaped out the front door a couple times and attempted to go on walk-about. So we’re now sporting shiny new locks at the top of the doors, about six feet high. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Graham is on to solid food. He seems amused by it. Will he sit up by himself soon? Will he roll over? I am not about to encourage that sort of behavior (lord knows that can lead to escaping out the front door) and he seems in no hurry. He’s my sweet and chipper lump.

4 responses to “Rambling”

  1. Rob Jackson

    Aah. They both look great. I’m glad Graham’s getting along well. Apparently I may be coming down there for Thanksgiving, so watch out.

  2. Granny

    God, what an incredible and wonderful family you all are!! These years pass fast and I’m so delighted that you are keeping a journal, I wish I had. It will help when Violet is asking you why her little one doesn’t sleep!

  3. shannou

    Yay for the budding Houdini and the chipper lump! 🙂 BTW: my parents said to say “hi!” to you guys when I saw them in SF.

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