a Mom-type birthday

If you are a mom, this may or may not be what you experience on your birthday:

The tiny baby wakes up twice during the night after a fortnight tease of sleeping 12 hours straight. So you’re pretty dang tired when you wake up on your birthday. But that’s okay because your kick-ass husband the takes the bigger baby on a long canoe ride/park visit all morning. And yet, you spend most of that free time trying to get the tiny baby to take a freaking nap, giving up long enough to go to the gym.


At 3:30 you finally convince the tiny baby to sleep, only to hear the bigger baby calling for you to get her out of “quiet time” (she is just about to give up Sanity Hour aka: her nap). At 4:15 the tiny baby wakes up.

At 4:45 the extended family arrives to go to birthday dinner. (Shilla has the best Korean food in town, folks) The bigger baby, in her cutest party dress, kindly waits until everyone is finished eating to declare that she did, in fact, poop in her big girl underwear. Now, if you are a mom, this is something only YOU can take care of, birthday or not. We need not go into the clean-up process.


It becomes clear that it’s too late for everyone to come over for cake, since the napless babies are melting down. But if you have a good friend who brings you sci-fi videos to watch while you eat cake with your kick-ass husband after the kids are asleep, then everything is right with the world.

6 responses to “a Mom-type birthday”

  1. Mary

    Happy Birthday!!

    I hope we see you and the family at Fiona’s birthday party next weekend!

  2. shannon

    Awww, happy birthday! Big hugs to you!

  3. Kristen

    Happy Birthday, Virgo friend. My bday is Friday…let’s see if I can a better day?!? (I’m so glad we haven’t started potty training yet 🙂

  4. leah

    happy birthday lady!

  5. Rob Jackson

    Happy late birthday.

  6. Stacy C.

    Well, happy belated mom-birthday to you 🙂

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