Oh warm and sunny Northwest…


It was kind of cruel how beautiful the weather was during our trip to Portland and Oceanside, Oregon. Cloudless, highs in the low 80’s. After a summer of Texas rain (aka: torrential downpours that leave the sweltering air smelling like fetid rotting vegetation and swarming with man-eating insects) the Northwest seemed like heaven. I miss the trees and mountains so much my bones hurt.

Portland and Vancouver have changed incredibly since I was in high school; but not so much in that urban-sprawl-where-is-all-the-grass kind of way. More like the turn-the-dangerous-bum-ridden-empty-lots-into-parks kind of way. And the mass transit! And the bike trails! And the recycling!

But I love Austin? I mean… I love Austin. Um yeah.

The kids were really really good during the plane ride and basically throughout the whole week. I decided that, since Violet is toying with losing her nap, I’d forgo being a slave to it. Of course Graham has no discernible schedule, so we took advantage of this flexibility. He thinks napping in the car or the Bjorn is preferable anyway. I have to say that five adults to one toddler and one infant is an excellent ratio.


  • zoo & aquarium (Violet was most impressed with the playgrounds, but the rest of us enjoyed the animals)


  • hiking (the kids took great naps while we lugged them across sand dunes and down mountainsides)


  • frolicking on the beach (no swimming, too cold)


  • swing building (always gotta have a project)


  • eating (the Barker-Wainwrights sure know how to throw together some good grub)
  • drinking (the Barker-Wainwrights sure know how to stock a wine cellar)


Now, back to reality.

8 responses to “Oh warm and sunny Northwest…”

  1. Elizabeth

    You are looking disgustingly in shape for just having had a baby! 🙂

  2. Leah

    barker-wainrights food and drink, i miss it! you guys look happy. we set a wedding date, may 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. shannon

    Yay for vacations! So happy to see you guys living it up and relaxing.

    Can’t wait to see you after I get back from my long vacation next month!

  4. kardos

    What a beautiful place! Glad you guys had fun. Great photos as always ansel adams…

  5. Melanie

    Rob sure knows how to rock the marabou cocktail glass. Very manly.

  6. Rob L.

    I am more than secure enough in my manhood to enjoy one of Sue’s kickass cosmopolitans. It’s especially easy to look manly with one when you’ve got a foxy dame in your arms, as pictured above.

  7. Melanie

    You’re right! The foxy dame does actually negate the humorous effect of the marabou glass. And damn, Cheris, you look smokin’!

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