the Truth


Remember when I said that vacationing with 2 kids is 25% fun and 75% hard work? Well, I think it holds true for parenting in general. Of course, the fun is BIG FUN, so I guess that makes up for the hard work, right? But when you’re in the throws of, say, the above picture, boarding school doesn’t sound half bad. Or if you’re getting the newspaper on a Sunday morning and your toddler takes off running down the street laughing manically while you shout and sprint after her, bra-less and in ratty pajamas. One minute of time-out per year is just not enough. Or how about the constant whining? Or the dawdling? Dear god, the dawdling. How is it that she can run so fast and yet take 30 minutes climbing into her car seat? As I’m typing this I’m having visions of running into her room with duct tape because the screaming is keeping Graham awake.

But then she is also sweet and hilarious and says the most amazing things. And then I can’t remember why I’m so angry that no one told me how hard this parenting thing was going to be.


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  1. Mary

    Yes, yes, yes! I think Abhi and Violet must be twins in spirit because we go through the exact same thing! I just love it when I ask her to come here and she takes off running in the opposite direction, grrr. But, I also melt when she comes to give me a hug and kiss to cheer me up when I am having a hard day 🙂

  2. Granny

    Oh that picture of Violet is so sad. I hate seeing her so upset…drama queen!

  3. Kristen

    I’ve been saying the same thing – daily. Parenting is definitely hard work (& Chris and I joke that kids are so over-rated) but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Oh, how I love my whiny, run-in-the-other-direction toddler! And nothing beats the infant…even if he is stealing my sleep!

  4. Chris K

    You can’t win when running down a traffic filled street is the most fun thing in the world!!!! AND the second best is getting chased by mommy (or daddy). On top of that, third best is the puppy you get in the end. Are we doing something wrong?

    “Sowwie daddie” makes it all better.

  5. Granny

    Please put a new picture of Violet up. It makes me too sad to see that picture every time I open the page.

  6. Debbie T.

    Hey, Cheris! Stopping by from Amber’s page…
    Wow, I can relate to the wanting to duct tape thing 🙂

    Brooks is so hard to put down for naps, and then Miles screams (intentionally, I’d swear it!) and naptime is over.

    Makes a Mama want to scream too.

    Here’s to the 25%!

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