good news all around!


She’s okay! She’s okay!! No reflux, nothing. Whew…

Of course, I was so relieved I forgot to ask about the coin. I’ll call again and report back.

By the way, those overalls Violet is wearing while playing with the camera phone? They were mine when I was two. So cool.


Graham got four shots today and is sleeping off the trauma right now. His stats:

  • age: four months
  • weight: 14lbs 6oz 50%
  • length: 25″ 30%
  • sleep: 9 p.m. – 6 a.m. (although I’m sure that will change since I just wrote it out) naps are a different matter; we are slaves to Violet’s schedule
  • motor skills: grabbing, staring like a stoned frat boy at his hands, laughing, standing, trying to roll over

I love this age. I think I may freeze him here.

6 responses to “good news all around!”

  1. Justin

    Yeah!!!!!!! Great news!

  2. Regina

    I’m so glad she is doing well now!

  3. Stacy C.

    Woohoo! I’m so glad to hear she’s fine. 🙂

  4. Uncle Joe

    I remember you having those overalls!

  5. Granny

    Yeah is right!! I just love my babies soooooo much I can hardly believe it! …all of you!!

  6. Rob Jackson

    That’s awesome. And Violet is really cute in those overalls. I can’t believe Graham is standing. It seems just yesterday he was falling.

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