I just never want to do that again.

VCUG Procedure:


  • explain to Violet that she’s going to see the doctor who will give her some medicine that will make her feel sleepy and then they’ll take pictures of her tummy to help her avoid hurting when she pees


  • 6:00: wake up, chug coffee
  • 7:00: wake up kids and throw them in the car, try to explain to Violet that she can’t eat or drink anything
  • 7:30: paperwork paperwork paperwork
  • 8:00: go to ultrasound room where the nurse fails to look at scared and clingy Violet’s bladder and kidneys
  • 8:10: go to another room full of beds with individual TVs (which Violet could care less about), more paperwork, wait, play in the bathroom sink, wait, play with patient doll, wait, refuse to let nurses take vitals, wait, avoid drinking water, wait, blow bubbles, wait, play with playdough, wait, color, wait, run laps, wait, play leg tunnels, wait, etc. etc…
  • 9:20: take sedative (Violet, not me… although I should have), give Violet a lollipop
  • 9:30: realize it has kicked in as she has been sitting in my lap for over 5 minutes and doesn’t protest when I wipe her nose
  • 9:40: get wheeled into the ultrasound room for a second attempt, which Violet drunkenly enjoys (“I have a bwue wowipop!”)
  • 9:50: get wheeled into the x-ray room where they lay her on a board atop a giant machine, strap down her torso and ankles with three bands of industrial velcro, which Violet drunkenly enjoys (slurring with half lidded glassy eyes, “Now I have a pink wowipop!”)
  • 10:00: the techs remove the ankle straps, remove her pull-up diaper, clean the area and apply numbing gel, Violet starts to drunkenly freak out (“I wanna get down… and I have a popsicle now!”), the nurse inserts the catheter while I pin down her arms, she looses her mind, it takes me and three nurses to hold her down — even under sedation, I put on lead apron while Rob and Graham leave the room, a nurse fills Violet’s bladder with dye and asks her if she wants to pee in a diaper or potty — she is still strapped down (screaming and terrified, “I’m all done! Please! I wanna get down! Please!”), after ten thousand years she finally pees in the diaper so the x-ray can record what her urinary tract does, shaking and hyperventilating, they unstrap her, wrap her in a towel and hand her to me
  • 10:30: we wheel back into the room with beds where she needs to stay sitting or laying down until the sedative wears off, she eats two containers of jello and apple juice, we wait, do paperwork, wait, play with patient doll, wait, drunkenly let nurses take vitals, wait, eat, wait, blow bubbles, wait, play with playdough, wait, color, wait, then I become filled with rage when the nurse asks why we were there so early for a 9:45 appointment (to which I seethe, “because they told me it was an 8:30 appointment and we needed to be here at 7:30”)
  • 11:20: get wheeled to the exit, I become filled with rage when the nurse tells me they won’t be able to see the penny that Violet said she ate last week, even though the nurse making the appointment said they’d be able to see it, Violet screams that she wants to go back to the doctor (“I’ve never heard that one before” says the nurse), we convince her to leave by promising to get french fries for lunch, Rob goes back to work
  • 12:00: attempt to eat lunch, attempt to keep Violet in a warm bath (as per nurse instructions), attempt to get Graham down for a nap
  • 1:00: Violet falls asleep, I continue to attempt to get the boy to sleep
  • 1:45: Violet wakes up screaming in pain from trying to pee, continues to scream and cling to me like her arm is being cut off while I frantically try to find the Imaging nurses’ phone number, I administer Motrin

The rest of the day was a blur of trying to comfort a non-napping infant and a tired, scared and hurting two year old. I insisted that Rob not work after the kids went to bed, but watch a movie with me. A comedy. I passed out on the couch about 45 minutes in.

On Saturday the girl was much better. Still behaving like a two-year-old, but at least not in pain. And the sedative acted as an amnesiac. I don’t think she remembers the worse part, which is probably a good thing. I wish I didn’t. We’ll get the results early next week. This all sounds very un-fun, and it was. But it was hard to feel too sorry for ourselves after realizing how many really sick kids were in that hospital. I have nothing but respect for the nurses and doctors there. And friends of ours are bringing their five-year-old in for heart surgery on Wednesday. Geez. It’s never fun to hear about kids suffering, but after having your own… well, pick your cliche. There’s no way I can explain.


5 responses to “I just never want to do that again.”

  1. Amber

    She’s such a trooper! I’m so glad you were able to find some comedy in the situation. I was sending you good thoughts all day! Much love, Amber

  2. Chris K

    What an ordeal! Sending you guys love… hope everything turns out ok.

  3. Katie

    Oh, Cheris, I’m so sorry.

    She’s a tough kid though and I hope they find out what is up. I’m glad that is all over.

  4. Shannon

    Ow! It hurt to read that. Poor sweeties!

  5. Martha

    Oh wow, oh wowowowow. I had no idea you guys were going through this. Glad it all worked out okay, but geeez, mama…

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