Cross your fingers…

…that Violet’s cultures come back negative on Monday. Here’s the story:

In the midst of this new potty training, Violet started complaining of a “rash” when she peed and grabbing herself like a mini rapper. But I didn’t see any rash. She was also extremely grouchy, contrary and tantrum-prone. In other words, two. But by Friday morning it was clear that her behavior went beyond normal. She was in real pain. We took her to the pediatrician.

Now to figure out if this was indeed the suspected UTI, the doctor needed a sample. This can be accomplished by peeing into a cup, of course, or getting an “in and out” catheter. Neither very fun for a potty-training toddler. Super Dad to the rescue. He took Violet to the bathroom and carefully explained her options. Her eyes got wide and she immediately peed in the collection “hat”. (Yes, she loves to say she peed in the hat.) One crisis averted.

The sample did turn out to be suspicious, so they sent it to the lab to grow a culture. If the culture comes back positive for a UTI it’s a bit worrisome. Apparently, UTIs in adults, while uncomfortable, are just that. In toddlers, they can indicate problems in the whole system, kidneys, bladder, a kink in the tract itself. So here is what must happen in order to check that out: I wear a lead apron and hold down Violet while they give her an ultrasound, insert a catheter, fill her up with dye and wait for her to pee while they x-ray.

Umm… yeah. Horrible.

So keep your fingers crossed for us.


2 responses to “Cross your fingers…”

  1. melanie

    We went through that process when Harry was three months old. The worst part was when they inserted the catheter; for the rest of the process, he was totally fine, gnawing on my fingers and cooing and such. I CANNOT IMAGINE undergoing the same process with that child today. The building would be rubble. Lasers would shoot out of his eyes and we would all turn to dust. Here’s hoping there’s no UTI.

  2. Leti

    Aw, Cheris, whattadrag…sorry to hear about little V’s UTI issues. Please let us know what the doctors tell you. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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