Potty training is a go. Repeat: PT go!


Those of you squeamish about toddler bodily functions may avert your eyes now.

As you know, Violet’s preferred stated of being is either upside down or naked. She was in the later state on Saturday. I was in some other part of the house when Rob noticed Violet was doing a certain butt holding dance. He asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty, which she did. Then I heard, “Mommy!! I pooped in the potty!” Celebration all around. Two “special” stickers. Then again yesterday evening, I noticed she was doing the crotch holding dance . Granny whisked her away and then I heard, “Mommy!! I peed in the potty!” Celebration all around. One “special” sticker. Then last night while I was putting Graham down, Violet burst out of her room and ran to me shouting, “Mommy!! I squeeeeeeezed it out!” Indeed, Rob informed me that the effort turned her face red and brought a tear to her eye. (BAAhahahahaaa) But she was

Could this be the beginning of the end of two children in diapers? Or will the novelty wear off? These are the pressing issues in the Lifford household right now.

2 responses to “Potty training is a go. Repeat: PT go!”

  1. Mary

    That’s great news! Abhi most definitely does NOT like to be naked. If I try to leave off her diaper, she asks me to put it back on WITH her pants, please. I don’t see PTing any time in our immediate future.

  2. Granny

    I’m so proud of my big, big, big girl!!!

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