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Yup. It’s an infection. So now… seven more days of antibiotics, another pee sample and an appointment for the ultrasound and VCUG procedure. The results could come back positive for some kind of kidney or bladder problem. But most likely it’ll be vesicoureteral reflux, which is basically when the urine washes backwards a bit from […]

Cross your fingers...

Cross your fingers…

…that Violet’s cultures come back negative on Monday. Here’s the story: In the midst of this new potty training, Violet started complaining of a “rash” when she peed and grabbing herself like a mini rapper. But I didn’t see any rash. She was also extremely grouchy, contrary and tantrum-prone. In other words, two. But by […]

Potty training is a go.  Repeat: PT go!

Potty training is a go. Repeat: PT go!

Those of you squeamish about toddler bodily functions may avert your eyes now. As you know, Violet’s preferred stated of being is either upside down or naked. She was in the later state on Saturday. I was in some other part of the house when Rob noticed Violet was doing a certain butt holding dance. […]



conversation yesterday: Me: Violet, what’s your favorite color? Violet: Uuuummm… purple. M: Oh cool! Because Violet also means purple. V (taking a long look at herself): *I’m* not purple! Graham: Pfftttthhh…..

Don't let the pictures fool you...

Don’t let the pictures fool you…

…family vacations are about 75% work and 25% fun. And the work necessitates an extra day off to recover from the trip. Granted, the fun is Super Fun, so it all kind of evens out. Especially in our selective memories. For the record, this was our first vacation with the kids not involving traveling to […]

what they're doing now

what they’re doing now

Graham declared that he could no longer sleep in his tiny co-sleeper — or with us — since our tossing and turning and breath-checking was keeping him awake. And to prove it, he slept in his room in his crib ALL. NIGHT. LONG. That’s right, people, from 9 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. (Of course I […]

heard in the car this morning:

heard in the car this morning:

Graham: “Zzzzzz” Violet: “It’s starting to rain. We need a reindeer. Where’s the reindeer?”